Promoting Scottish Culture & Traditions

Dance. Music. Language.

The Highland Echoes Mission

To promote Scottish culture and traditions through educational programs and performances.

Our Initiatives

In Education
Highland Echoes in Education is providing Scottish lesson plans, school assemblies and fundraisers for schools.

Free Scots Dialect Children's Song Bundle!

Free Scots Dialect Children's Song Bundle
Highland Echoes
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    About The Founder, JENNIFER LICKO

    "Performing Scottish music, dance and language is about connections. I am an American with Scottish heritage and I am connected to the Scottish culture in a way that thousands of other Americans are connected. I created Highland Echoes to honor and preserve these meaningful traditions that belong to you, me and countless others.""


    "Jennifer Licko could very well be the heir-apparent to Canada’s Loreena McKennitt and Clannad’s Moya Brennan