Highland Echoes Performance at The Scotland County Highland Games!

October 5th, 2019 | 8:00 PM | Scotland High School Auditorium

Buy your ticket online and choose your seat from $15-$35.
Wait to buy your ticket AT THE FESTIVAL OR AT THE DOOR and all tickets are $25 in the general seating section - first come first serve

Get Your Ticket

The Scotland County Highland Games ticket does not include the entrance fee for the Highland Echoes performance at Scotland High School on Saturday evening. You must purchase a Highland Echoes performance ticket separately. Available at the door, at the festival or here! 


Is there a phone number so I can talk to someone about tickets? Yes, we would love to help you out over the phone. 910 338 0787

What are the seating options? If you buy your tickets online, we have three seating options available for online sales. You will view the seating map and choose your seats. We like giving you the peace of mind that your seat is waiting for you.
$15 is good seating
$25 is great seating
$35 is the best seating
If you choose to wait to buy at the door or in person at the games, then your seat is in the general seating section for $25 and you will choose your seat when you arrive within that section. Ushers will be there to guide you.

Can I purchase “Assigned” seats at the games or at door on October 5th? You can only purchase assigned seats with our online ticketing here. You can purchase general seating tickets at the games in person or at the door for a flat rate of $25.

Are general seating sections (the tickets that are only sold at the door and at the games) better than the online puchased assigned in some cases? If not, why does assigned seating start at $15 and general start at $25?
No, the general seating is not better than assigned seating. Please take a look at the map below to see where general seating (door & games purchases) are located. We encourage you to buy online for a better experience and price point. We will also send you a free download of the Highland Echoes song when you buy a ticket online!